Shredded Chicken Tacos


Tacos are a great way to turn meal prep into an actual meal. They’re tasty, customizable, and real quick to whip up. Easy meals are a must with a puppy in the house who requires nearly all of my attention throughout the day, so this meal has been a go-to for me lately. I’m sure all of you busy people, parents, and college students can understand the need for good healthy “fast food.”

I’m still working on the finishing details of my meal prep ebook. Originally, all the recipes were intended to be SIBO compliant. However, I realized people with small intestine bacteria overgrowth (SIBO) all have different trigger foods, and creating a meal prep guide tailored to every possible trigger started to feel daunting. So, I’ve decided not to label the ebook as a SIBO meal prep book. However, 10/13 of the recipes are still low-FODMAP and suitable for people battling SIBO. I personally battle SIBO and am able to tolerate all of the recipes in the book, but we are all unique and bio-individual so what works for me may or may not work for you. Recipe adaptation is encouraged.

Back to the tacos… I used meat from a previously prepped whole roasted chicken (recipe will be in ebook), and it took me about 5 minutes from start to finish. I used Food for Life sprouted corn tortillas, but Siete Foods grain-free tortillas are another great alternative. Additionally, you could use romaine lettuce wraps if tortillas aren’t compatible with your dietary needs right now. I heated the chicken up in a pan with cauliflower rice, lime, a dash of paprika, and salt and pepper until warm. I topped the tacos with pico de gallo (make sure to look for added sugars if buying from your grocer), micro-greens, aged cheddar, and homemade avocado aioli (recipe will be in ebook). If I had an avocado and some cilantro on hand, you can bet that I would’ve thrown some of that on there too.

Turning meal prep into a well-rounded meal that feels different from the night before requires some creativity and additional staples in your fridge and pantry (i.e. sprouted corn tortillas). My meal prep workbook is rooted in this concept — batch cook items to have on hand, but use them differently each day to avoid burn out and unhappiness towards your food. It’s a different kind of meal prep that will 100% not leave you with several identical containers of lunches and dinners for the week, I promise. The Native & Well Meal Prep Workbook will be launching the first week of April. Be sure to hop on my email list so you don’t miss the drop!